I feel like this is the best Treasure title that I've heard
It also has a different sound from the other songs they've released
It's refreshing and upbeat but also hip?
And it also has the YG signature beat at the end? 
It will be good to sing along

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1. [+33, -1]
Ha seriously it was freaking good, and the b-sides I Want Your Love and Run could've been double titles too. Treasure must hit big 

2. [+26, -8]
BONA BONA was good good the real thing was the face attacks

3. [+26, -0]
I read in an article that 'YG's vibe didn't ruin Treasure's sound' and it's so true

4. [+25, -1]
At first, I prefered the b-side track, but the more I listened, the more I see why BONA BONA has a bigger impact. The more you listen, the better it gets

5. [+23, -0]
BONA BONA looks like a foreigner's song but it's a "foreigner" song that Koreans would like

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