Hello, this is Weverse Shop.

We would like to apologize to the fans who attended &TEAM’s in-person fan signing event on July 8 regarding the security body check that was carried out by female security guards.

Fan signing events are a place where artists and fans talk one-on-one, and if recordings are leaked to the public, it might not be good for the fan and the artist. So to prevent such a situation from arising, we have always strictly limited [fans from] bringing in electronic equipment that makes recording possible. Up until now, many fans have actively cooperated with this practice.

However, because there have been several instances of [fans] hiding electronic equipment on their bodies to bring them in, a body check was carried out on July 8 by female security guards to check for this. We apologize to the fans who attended the event with happy hearts for making you uncomfortable.

Even if it was a security issue, we are aware that it is not an acceptable excuse for making fans uncomfortable. We sincerely apologize that this kind of incident happened at the event.

We will make plans for improvements, such as introducing contact-free methods for security checks, and we will try to make it possible for fans to participate in fan signing events with artists in a more comfortable and happy environment.

Thank you.

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1. [+213, -5]
Look at their emphasis on female security guards ㅠㅠ I'm not curious about their gender, do they even know they could be imprisoned for what they do?

2. [+140, -0]
Wow so they actually searched through underwear +  physically touched them

3. [+139, -0]
I used to think that Hybe had people with a head on their shoulders. But why are they even having a Japanese group? And if so, why don't they just promote in Japan... I can't believe there are fans who like them after being treated like that...

4. [+117, -1]
This makes me so mad. Let's not become pushovers kids

5. [+101, -0]
Don't let them end with just an apology but let's sue Hybe

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