During &TEAM's fansign, the staffs looked through people's underwear because they thought people would be recording. They also search through your Apple Watch and other electronics and touch you. This isn't just skimming through, they f*cking touch you and it's considered hara***ment. If they're that scared of being recorded, why even hold a fansign in the first place? Anyways, the way they treat their own consummers is legendary. I like &TEAM since I'm a Hybe idols fans, but I honestly freakig hate Hybe. I hope they flop. I hope that this gets spread around

Q: But the members didn't see it right?

A: They straight up touched my breasts right beside them.. I feel like if they wanted to take [off my clothes] or if they wanted to touch me more, they would've taken me behind. They couldn't find anything on me either, but they didn't even say a single sorry and just told me to leave

"No but it's the first time in my entire life that I've ever been searched in my bra, even my mom doesn't touch there, my breasts were touched by those fan manager nunas......"

"No but they're honestly doing underwear searchesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
They said they'd touch my breasts a bit and literally touched them;;; Then they said "That's a watch right?" and dragged me, they took me to a smaller space and lifted my clothes... they were pushing me so my clothes rose automatically but someone then opened the door and entered and searched through my underwears ^^ I felt so ashamed and I felt like my human rights were at the floor..."

"Just what kind of company will get your money then touch the body of their own consummers and also search through their underwear...? 
Seriously I feel like reporting this
Why would I be treaed like that and also endure this just because I like idols.. And f*ck what's more important between being disciplined to not record and committing a crime like groping someone's body? Did the celebrity entertainment brainwashed their brains?"

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This is illegal. You can have imprisonment for up to 3 years if not a body search investigation agency and there is no warrant; It's just jail time, no fines.
(the law regarding body investigation)

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The fans are more than just consummers, seriously they're being treated like f*cking dogs. Entertainment companies need to wake up

3. [+110, -3]
If you decide to like Hybe's idols, you need to get ready to let go of your human rights

4. [+87, -2]
They're not getting sued for this? Shouldn't they all get sued for what the're doing..? That's how we can change things. They really look at idol fans like dogs. They should get sued, this is just severe...

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I just read several posts talking about this and got so shocked. Honestly they're touching them right next to the members like that, and they're also taking the fans to another place to remove their clothes. Are they insane? No but Hybe knows no moderation at all 

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