I'm fangirling on the 4th gen idols so it's possible that I don't understand because they are 3rd gen idols but when I think of Bangtan and EXO, their results, fandom size and power are totally different so I don't understand why their fandoms hate each other so much...

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It's been a while since the gap between them has been a wall but I can't forget the time when the Ls were in their A-list days. 

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All the Ls putting up their middle fingers when Bangtan got their award

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It's because the Ls are still stuck in 2015~2016ㅋ

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I don't understand people who describe Bangtan and EXO fandoms' relationship as "fanwar". I guess you can call it that way because you haven't lived through those days. When small or mid-sized company idol would just do a little better than EXO in terms of album sales or whatnot, their fans would accuse them of sajaegi on all community sites. As soon as their rival's concert was over, the Ls would trend "sajaegi" hashtags and the singers even had to write a tweet to clear the hashtags. That's not even all, there were so many other instances that it would be hard to write them down one by one. There was even an article about a 6th grade girl who went from being an EXO fan to a Bangtan fan but who ended up being a victim of school violence because of it. Bangtan fans were only able to defend themselves because their fandom grew in size but then, Ls started to label it as "fanwars"

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Ls are the worst fandom in history
(T/N: record of everything EXO-Ls did to BTS, Wanna One, T-ARA, Gfriend, Bigbang, SNSD, Infinite, Block B, Apink, Super Junior, Girls Day, IOI/Pristin and TWICE)

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This is the Ls' last appeal as Bangtan's rivals 

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