This is Swan from Purple Kiss. 
​​This time, she made a solo comeback
She's the main vocal of Purple Kiss

Even when she just debuted, there were so many talks about Swan's weight
Honestly even her sunbae Moonbyul told Swan to manager herself

She's such a good singer and she's pretty so why isn't she managing herself...

This isn't even on broadcast when she would end up looking puffier, this reminds me of NM*** JW before her weight loss. When is she planning to keep looking like that? Maybe she doesn't have the intention to hit big as an idol 

And this is her in a fancam 
Her face is so pretty but... 

They debuted as a solo with crazy voice colors, but she'll be able to hit even more daebak [if she lost weight]

Even just looking at their legts, you can tell that it's obvious. 
The way she compares with her members is also severe
Honestly Purple Kiss are all skinny aside from Swan so she stands out even more... 

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1. [+30, -0]
I bet the fans were also disappointed but they must've been expecting her to receive this type of comments too. Im a Dive but I feel like among the 4th gen idols, Swan has one of the nicest voice colors. Seriously the only issue here is that she debuted as an idol so she needs to have her own identity when she promotess, meanwhile she seems to only purely rely on her voice. She should've just debuted a a soloist instead and this wouldn't have been an issue. But she's an idol... The first and 2nd most important things are all visuals and the 3rd thing is all about charms and star factor, but Swan has none of them. She's moderately pretty and her face is a stan attractor, but she's f*cking good at singing... But as an idol, she has no commercial value ㅠㅠ Seriously I feel bad for her. She will do way better once she withdraws and joins a program like Queendom after losing weight

2. [+21, -0]
She should've debuted as a soloist, not an idol 

3. [+13,- 0]
She's such a good singer but she's not meant to be an idol 

4. [+11, -2]
Are people shifting their target because Liz has now lost weight? You guys go lose your own weight. This is so tiring 

5. [+11, -2]
But she's a nobody so nobody cares

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