They're definitely not ugly but people framed them as ugly because of them
They're definitely not short, but people framed them as shorties because of them..
But now we barely get any of those comments ㅋㅋㅋ

But aside from these members being ugly and short, they didn't even mesh well with the rest on stage, finally Treasure achieve Treasure's full potential 

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1. [+72, -3]
You guys are honestly so mean, you were the ones always swearing at Choi Hyunsuk, Bang Yedam and Mashiho, now that 2 of them actually left the group, you're saying "Choi Hyunsuk wasn't as bad, Treasure were getting hate because of Bang Yedam and Mashiho"...??? You hated them because they were actually talented?? They've withdrawn and are living good lives now, so why would you still be dragging them around? Does it prove that Treasure is successful because you drag them down? They're each on their own paths now

2. [+45, -0]
Theyve already withdrawn why would you kill them twice like that? It's not like they withdrew because they made a mistake, delete this post 

3. [+34, -18]
Now that those 2 withdrew, Jungwoo and Jihoon's voices are getting more light shine on them. The performances are also less messy and cleaner. Their visuals are overall better. I've never said it, but those 2 never suited Treasure. There were lots of people who watned them gone. I agree with the post

4. [+26, -22]
honestly, those 2 and Hyunsuk really got so much hate. But Hyunsuk's skills gap with those 2 is just too wide. And his face is also.. better. People may drag him, but Hyunsuk is needed in the team. I saw the comeback trailer and felt it 

5. [+24, -5]
Rap: HyunHaYo, Vocal: Asahi, Jungwoo, Jihoon, Junkyu, Dyoung, Junghwan, Jaehyuk. This is so much cleaner. Jaehyuk also became more talented

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