"Is there a reason I got touched by Wonyoungie?"
"During the tiem we were shooting I AM's MV she had 7 stitches to her arm because she got hurt"
"And we still had 2 parts to shoot with that outfit"
"I thought "I won't be able to shoot because you're hurt""
"But! She went to the emergency 2 days in a row to get the stictches and came back the next day right away and was able to pull off all of her scenes"
"Our Wonyoungie is this cool ㅠㅠ"
"She never expressed her hard times at the site"

She danced and hurt her arm so she had to be rushed to the emergency for 2 days
She got 7 stitches and came back to film the rest of her scenes
And she didn't make it bvious

Her mentality is impressive but I also feel uncomfortable for her
It feels like her company can't work 

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1. [+187, -5]
Starship is trying to take down that video right away because they're scared that they'll get sworn at. Meanwhile, they didn't do anything over 1 year for all the hate that Wonyoung is experiencing and they've been eating all the money she was making with her crazy schedule

2. [+155, -2]
Jang Wonyoung only receives good talks frm broadcast people and this is why. Usually, when celebrities go through things like that, even though they don't make it obvious to the staff, they will at least try to push the filming, seeing how she still decides to work even when she's hurt shows her dedication 

3. [+121,-3]
This video is now privated right? They don't wanna get sworn all those f*ckers sure are acting fast ㅋㅋㅋ They think that the company's employees are more of a main character than their own artst. Yah you dogs, if you weren't this good at picking songs, the fans wouldn't be holding back this much you r*tards

4. [+105, -8]
Hul.. How did they shoot the MV? But this company really can't seem to do anything right? I hope they can start suing properly first

5. [+79, -6]
F*ckship I want to kill them 

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