She's in Paris today to shoot for Dior Spa Cruise
Jisoo also held a mini fanmeeting with the fans and people said she was so kind and her visuals were perfect
The last picture was released by Dior's PR manager, she totally looks like the maknae daughter princess

+ The Dior Spa Cruise

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1. [+57, -5]
But she's really consistently kind to the fans. 
Even when she's having a hard time or her condition isn't the best, she's always smiling to the fans who come to her and greet them 
I'm always amazed at people who smile all the time
This is why she's so likable 

2. [+39, -6]
She's f*cking pretty and her aura is also so luxurious

3. [+33, -5]
Seriously how can someone be this pretty... It's fascinating 

4 [+31, -4]
I'm so proud whenever I see Koreans getting love and adored by foreigners

5. [+26, -2]
Jisoo is the prettiest with straight hair or tied hair

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