[enter-talk] LIA'S OLD FACE

Her debut face has almost disappeared now
Not just Lia but all of the ITZY members

I feel like they changed ever since they changed their beauty salon

Why would they change it;;

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1. [+25, -11]
?? Personally, I find her prettier now though? She was a high schooler when she debuted so isn't it obvious that her face slowly changes after she became an adult?

2. [+21, 0]
She was born with baby hairs and they were so pretty. Once they changed their beauty salon, they shaved them all off and changed her hairline so her natural beauty has disappeared

3. [+17, -3]
Lia looks the same now though..

4. [+16, -5]
She still looks the same. Lia just got a bunch of experimental styling

5. [+15, -15]
I think that she's the prettiest idol right now

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