1. Upgraded seating on a hot day, security guards holding umbrellas for them
2. No ticketing, straight to the first row. What's worse is that they were late so commoners had to wait for them
3. Dancing next to office workers who work all day and filming their challenge...

They're singing about "hating old-fashioned hand-me-downs" and are going for that hard working concept but to be honest, their songs are handed down to them by their composers (which are all homages to Rosalia) and their dances are also handed down to them by choreographers. Their concept, makeup, clothes are all handed down to them so I don't understand why they went for that concept...

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1. [+127, -51]
OP is crying about this but if she was born well-off she would also be asking others to hold her umbrella. But seems like she was born in a shabby please. Seriously what an unfair and indignant life ㅠㅠ Fightingㅠㅠㅠ (T/N: sarcastic)

2. [+107, -25]
Characteristic of posts like these: all idols are the same but OPs like her would always only target female idols ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This doesn't only apply to LSF but all idols are like that so why would you only bring LSF as an example? It's just hilarious how obvious your intentions areㅎㅎ Why are Pann-girls always writing posts like these only about successful female idols Pann-girls are triggered by idols receiving food, earning money, having security guards hold their umbrellas...ㅠㅠ there's always posts like these about female idols ㅎㅎ

3. [+90, -30]
Agree. When OP is holding the umbrella for other people, people are holding the umbrellas for LSF. I'm honestly jealous... I'm so sorry for OP for being born inferior... (T/N: sarcastic)

4. [+80, -20]
Agree...  Le Sserafim is at fault for failing to consider the feelings of the Pann-girls who are at the bottom of the ladder.... Pann-girls, let's all find strengthㅠㅠ  (T/N: sarcastic)

5. [+46, -31]
It's impressive how they are being taken care of so much but can still not win #1 on music shows

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