1. Even with no Chinese member, they got backstabbed

2. The CEO really put a lot of care in his rookie group (living in a 3 bedrooms/2 washrooms apartment in Gangnam / gave the members the English lessons they requested, etc.)

3. It's been a while since the scandal broke out but people still don't know their faces or names. It's my first time seeing a case like this

4. They can only hit big from now on but were blinded by money and committed hara-kiri

5. It's my first time seeing everyone cheering for a CEO of an entertainment company

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1. [+69, 0]
To be honest, when you look at their skills and visuals, they are all just average. There are so many kids on YT who have good visuals and who are good at singing so what's so much better about them?

2. [+59, -1]
Their visuals would've never been able to survive in the idol industry but all thanks to their CEO, they became top starsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ farewell

3. [+37, 0]
For real, it's my first time seeing their faces

4. [+32, 0]
When I saw business posts about their vocals' visuals, I thought that the world was doing a molka on meㅋ also, do they think that their follow-up songs will hit big just because they got a one hit wonder? Why are they acting like their future path is only full of flowers?ㅋㅋ The CEO is pitiful but I don't see them as anything more than a one hit wonder

5. [+28, 0]
What I find fascinating is that it really seems like they were picked not because of their outward appearance but because of their voices. Nothing about their visuals nor their dance skills is memorable so when I watch their stage on TV, it just feels so so weird. I didn't know when I was only listening to their songs but there's such a big dissonance. Looking at it this way, even YouTubers who are good singers would do well if they decided to release a song

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