"There were countless girl groups that appeared after BlackPink for the past 12 months"
"I'm not talking about them being the "post-Blackpink" groups, but a phenomenon"
"Le Sserafim"
"Fifty Fifty"
"To me NewJeans are the best. As a singer, I love them, but as a producer, the way that they pick their beats or references, they have such such such such an awesome ear"
"NewJeans currently has around 10 songs out"
"And the batting average is around 700,800?" 
"It's really really good"
"And that new song Super Shy, it's light, it's cheerful, and it has that new drum bass."
"I like the lyrics too"
"I like the bashfulness of it"
"If you look at NewJeans original songs with an American perspective, it's a more tasty(?) sound than hearing it in Korean"
"It looks like they found a way to have lyrics that are both accepted in Korea but also in another appreciated by foreigners"
"That's why it looks like they're winking at us"
"They have that innocent candy-like and innocent sweetness that is easy to appreciate"
"And the title of the song was "Super Shy""

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1. [+111, -12]
ㅋㅋㅋ The fact that they're even saying "post-Blackpink" just shows how impressive Blackpink is 

2. [+80, -5]
The kids here who are calling NewJeans the top while bringing down others aren't Bunnies ㅇㅇ They're f*ckers from DCGallery who aren't even fans of NewJeans and are just there to bash other idols while using NewJeans to do so. Once NewJeans actually get hted on, they don't do anything and they're also not using any of their money on NewJeans. They're not NewJeans fans, so please don't misunderstand. The 4th gen of female idols are doing f*cking good

3. [+77, -18]
Their Billboard chart records speak for itself. I lookd forward to see how much more NewJeans can grow 

4. [+70, -4]
These people's brats can't deliver results so people are going off on NewJeans being jealous of them. Stop using NewJeans because of your own biases ^^

5. [+65, -5]
Just looking at the comments here makes me realize how many trolls the 4th gen idols have. ㅋㅋㅋㅋPeople are always using NewJeans to fight against IVE and get NewJeans fandom sworn at ^^ Looks like you guys are dead jealous of female idols who are successful ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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