Just from the teaser alone, the song sounds f*cking bad... 
And it feels like they're trying to copy NewJeans' vibe too..? 
Even the dancing was so sloppy ding the break time... 
They're known to be talented but why is their planning so bad...What has JYP prepared for them..?

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1. [+124, -17]
Now that they're releasing a song that's easy to listen to, people now claim that they're copying NewJeansㅋㅋ NMIXX were the first ones to release a forest fairy concept though.. 

2. [+72, -11]
They're just copying what's trendy.. But personally, I love JYP's girl groups, but I hope they can get rid of that typical "tackiness" to them. And please give them some prettier clothes.. 

3. [+62, 9]
You NewJeans trolls, cut it down 

4. [+47, -22]
Meanwhile Sullyoon really looks like a doll, she's freaking pretty 

5. [+41, -10]
People are really starting with NewJeans, it's clear you're from DC Gallery ㅋㅋㅋ I just saw that people were swearing at Haerin for being the one top and the post got deleted, so you're trying again?

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