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The song compares to the feeling of overflowing love one felt for the first time on a roller coaster. The song captures NMIXX's love, which is exhilarating and mysterious because you don't know where it might bounce, and grows in a sudden way as you go. It is a funky and soulful track based on the urban house genre mixed with bossa nova rhythm (MIXX), and the point of the song is the dreamy pre-chorus. It is a song that allows you to feel the dynamic development of the song and three-dimensional effect as if you are riding a roller coaster.

Yup, they're still sticking to MIXX pop
People were talking about how they dropped it just because to their ears, it didn't sound like it
but stop pretending like you know

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1. [+79, -43]
It's because they're not putting Mixx pop that they're flopping 

2. [+43, -7]
Ohh I thought that Dice was their height of Mixx pop and that Young, Dumb, Stupid and Love Me Like This were their introduction to releasing more public-friendly and easy to listen songs, but in the end, this was still Mixx pop, I love both their genres. NMIXX is jjang 

3. [+30, -8]
The kids who have no knowledge of music are the ones who are forcing them into genres ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Those trolls are the ones who are still pushing their agenda that this isn't Mixx pop

4. [+28, -1]
I thought that the title was trying to stir some bullsh*t again ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+10, -0]
JjangMIXX let's hit big ♡

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