I feel like they'll reach 1M

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1. [+59, -30]
There's no person to buy them, but the amount of sales volume is so abnormal. I feel like they'd address this issue on "I Want To Know"

2. [+53, -4]
JYP is a listed company so the trolls can't even accuse them of doing sajaegi ㅎㅎ NMIXX is awesome

3. [+50, -1]
The kids must be earning a lot 

4. [+50, -16]
This is the first time I'm seeing this kind of situation. Usually if you look at girl groups who are able to sell over 1M, they either have a strong domestic fandom that's super solid or they're sweeping the charts digitally. These are the only cases. Yet, they're not in the domestic chart's top 100, and they also don't have any records overseas. How are they selling these? I'm curious

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Anyways the rich kids are buying an insane amount of albums, there's no reason for you to doubt why can they sell this many albums when they're unpopular~ So stop it 

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