I thought that it was supposed to be a fairy concept but what's up with this Indian native dance?..
The members' heights are all uneven and their harmony sucks
The dance is so chaotic and their dance lines are all a mess
Seriously, watching their stages is not fun. What is JYP doing?...

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1. [+40, -3]
Why does JYP like the crab-leg dance so much?

2. [+22, -11]
But why is Jiwoo so bouncy when she dances? She seriously gives off that Celeb Five vibe

3. [+16, -2]
The kids' signature move is that crab-leg dance.....

4. [+14, -2]
My love for NMIXX kinda died down but after seeing Hey Mama, I'm just f*cking looking forward to their next song. As long as NMIXX is given something that matches them, I start to want to see more of them. They are charming

5. [+11, -7]
Haewon got a reality check and her moves started to get smaller and smaller..ㅠㅠ

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