"Lily is cuter than the doll <3"

Driver princess Lily 

Seriously these people are all bullsh*tting. 
Looking at that top trending post on Pann, it just seems like Lily's fans weren't selected for that specific fansign... And the fans of the other members also probably didn't take care of giving some items to Lily.. 
Usually Lily receives a lot of items and she also suits them, I hope peope didn't take that one fasign just to swear at them.

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1. [+45, -2]
These were all people who never even looked at NMIXX but are just doing it because they found something they can hate on 

2. [+37, -1]
At this rate, they're just doing this because they want to swear at them. I saw 2 Haewon hate posts trending and they're trying to trend them all ㅋㅋ

3. [+35, -4]
NMIXX are trending on Pann just because a few trolls took one video of them to judge their relationship. It's f*cking hilarious. They did the same thing to Nayeon and Dahyun in 2017 and I still remember seeing over 2000 upvotes on that post. Because of that, Nayeon got hated on for years ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Right now that the entire team has renewed and that they're being successful overseas, that Nayeon is even attending MiSaMo's concert in Japan to see them, they're not saying a single word. This is why these rumors here are so useless

4. [+25, -1]
And once again, nobody will actually look at posts like this

5. [+25, -1]
The moment I saw the post trending, I knew it was just forced hate. They looked way to excited finding something they could hate on. Seriously there's no way they made that post thinking about Lily 

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