"SM's rookie boy group, debuting in September... The strongest idols of the 5th generation, the birth of 'monster rookies'"

The debut of a new boy group from SM Entertainment is imminent.
As a result of Sports Chosun's coverage, SM's new boy group is preparing for their debut in September. They are currently filming the main video for their debut song in Los Angeles, USA.


Everyone and their mom are from the 5th generation now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
No matter how many rookies you're releasing, you're not entering the 5th generation SM!!!

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1. [+34, -2]
Male idols even used the 4th generation to mediaplay too ㅋㅋ Even groups that debuted in 2017 like The Boyz were all calling themselves '4th generation' so I'm not surprised people debuting in 2023 are self-proclaimed "5th generation"

2. [+31, -1]
It's so funny to see those fans who were trying to appeal their bias because they were in the 4th generation get annoyed now. They can't even beat the 3rd generation's results meanwhile they're trying to appeal using the "4th generation" and now, they're being f*cking petty because ZB1 and SM are already talking about teh 5th generation ㅋㅋ

3. [+26, -1]
They revealed in the general meeting that NCT earns the most money for SM now, so to you trolls saying that it's better to push them instead of NCT, are you fools? You sure are busy trying to get both NCT and them get hated

4. [+23, -2]
It's the same way they were trying to gain appeal for groups using the "4th generation" title, there's nothing different 

5. [+18, -3]
Yah Taro-yah, Sungchan-ah, this is it ㅠㅠ You guys suffered

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