1. All members of New Jeans are luxury brand ambassadors

2. Right after their debut song Attention, they topped the US chart as #1

3. They achieved the highest record on Spotify's 'Accumulated Plays', 'Accumulated Listeners', and 'Accumulative Followers' in 2022, being the first KPOP group wo achieve these results

4. Entered 183rd place on US Spotify as Korea's first debut song

5. Ditto remained #1 for 99 days, the best record in Melon’s 20-year history

6. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the shortest period of time to hit 1 billion streaming

7. 4th generation's first Billboard HOT100 entry (+ 3 consecutive entries)
- The first group to have two songs on the Billboard HOT100 simultaneously with Blackpink and BTS.

8. Hype boy remained in the weekly chart TOP10 for 49 weeks for the first time in Melon history

9. Ditto/OMG ranked 1st in US Spotify streaming among KPOP female artists, first time in Spotify history

10. Ditto/OMG/Hype Boy ranked in the top 3 for two consecutive months for the first time in Melon chart history

11. Hype Boy won #1 on Inkigayo 8 months after the release of the debut song

12. Coca-Cola advertisement CM song ranked #1 on Genie, #3 on Bugs, #4 on Melon, and #1 on Youtube trending

13. KPOP’s first song to enter in the TOP10 of China's QQ Music

14. Reached their career high with Super Shy on Billboard

15. Collaboration with various major brands, selected as an ambassador (too many)

Addition) No. 1 in 2022's yearly chart, expected to be No. 1 in 2023

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1. [+65, -21]
This is an unprecedented girl group in history ㅋㅋ They've accomplished all this with not even 1 eyar since their debut, this makes no sense

2. [+54, -17]
+ They will be sweeping all the Daesangs this year

3. [+53, -37]
NewJeans will rule the world

4. [+47, -20]
They haven't even debuted 1 year ago and this is the level they've achieved. I can't even picture how their career will end on 

5. [+46, -34]
We're living in the NewJeans generation 

6. [+39, -21]
The comments here are so f*cking cringe ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+22, -6]
I've seen all idols ever since the 1st generation but if we talk about 1st year since debut, NewJeans are the historical #1 all indexes included... There are some that were left out in the post but their achievements just make no sense.. There's a reason why they're called a syndrome 

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