"Spread your legs like you're at the gynecologist!"
Has anyone surpassed Song Gynecologist?

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1. [+114, -34]
This is seriously all from Rapmon
Your panty line is finer than your smokey eyeline.
Why is it on the bottom, that free line.
Wild line, pipe line, that cleavage line.
Fuck, you know me too well what I like.
I'm crazy crazy these days, cough cough
Girls, you make me cough, your clothes, they’re see-through, see-through
(Very much) thank you! You make me see everything clear
(Natural LASIK) I don't need to pay for it
It keeps catching my eyes, girls' tummies, yup
Please wear more high heels
That girls are the best creatures in the world
Women are the best gift, they're a gift
That guy who throws Likes on every photo you upload, who's he?
Oh right, I'm not your boyfriend anymore
Uh f**k that, all stupid b*******s
You're not mine anymore, so why does it feel like you’re the one stealing things from me?
Haha, you live just fine without me, seeing you makes me sick, so have fun out there
I swallow the curse up my neck and press like again today, shit
Are you eating with your eyes like girls do?
Stop taking pictures, I'm losing my appetite
You're busy updating again, on Facebook or Twitter
Life is 3D, twitter at me at my face
Yeah, you’re the best woman, abuse of power
So fucking good at it, abusing power
Ah but think about it, you were never really powerful
Let’s take off “power” and call you “dear”, gonorrhea
I pop it, rock it, knock it, never stop it, talkin' some trashes
I have no mercy like I'm unemployed, you're really unemployed, no money for the bus

2. [+71, -20]
Given up on 3?? Given up on 5?? I like the number 6, how about giving up on 6?!?! F*ck ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(t/n: In the original lyrics 3 포 세대, 5 포 세대 are pronounced sampo sedae and opo sedae. They are used to describe the generation that has given up. 3 po sedae, describes millennials who have given up dating, marriage, and having children due to economic instability. Later on it evolved into 5 po sedae which added employment and housing due to unaffordable housing costs and high youth unemployment. In Korean, 6 is pronounced yook. Yookpo is also a homonym for beef jerky. Here, RM jokingly declares that “I like beef jerky so it’s yookpo sedae for me.”)

3. [+63, -19]
BTS has so misogynistic lyrics, I can't fit them all there
BTS misogynistic lyrics
- 21st Century Boys
- Joke
- Where From You 
- Can You Turn Off Your Phone
- War of Hormones
- Bucku Bucku
- Converse High 
- If I Ruled The World
- Illest B*tch
- Miss Right
- ProMeTheUs
- Skit: Circle Room
- Trouble

4. [+62, -4]
Look at everyone dragging all male idols in this post, but only the GD comments are getting so downvoted ㅎㅎ GD ajummas are pissed off and want to hate on the younger more handsomer idol industry ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+55, -25]
The worst idol choreography

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