They love songs that are intense, with a good choreography like ATEEZ
The reason why ATEEZ are popular overseas isn't because of a big agency

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1. They look at concept the most I think 

2. Me too, when I think of international fans, I think of ATEEZ and MonstaX

3. For real, they love intense and strong dances, and they find synchronized dances so cool. Those are the things that work overseas. Even for Bangtan, they didn't even have sunbaes in the company but they still hit big. And for ATEEZ too, they didn't have agency sunbaes but hit big 

4. In my opinion, China looks at the face and Japan looks at the talent 

5. What will make you go for the long run is the talent. They also love real live performances

6. ATEEZ are a special case, and their company is also a factor

7. Foreigners love an intense concept 

8. But the company is still important

9. The company and the song quality are just as important too 

10. Rather than skills, it's more about the concept

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