First of all, they're still all so young... Of course, they'd be super impressionable... 
I honestly I rather find the CEO and the company trying to stir emotional strings even more immature

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1. Are you a member of the group..? Do you know how much of a saint the company is being with them? I hope you receive this type of treatment to know how it feels 

2. The members are allowed to feel this way, but even though the adults around them are trying to persuade them with words, I guess if you're a total noob living in society, you would be unable to see the problem at hand and you'll be easily swayed. However, you claim that the CEO is being immature? I don't get this take. Do you think that a CEO is only there to spend money on people? Why would he even make an idol group if he was only going to incur loss from it? ㅋㅋ The CEO is using money to make this group why wouldn't he feel emotional about it?

3. Do you think the CEO is a philanthropist?... Your take is dumbfounding 

4. Even though I'm trying to see it from the members' perspective in this situation, I can't help but think that the company is being impressive with the way they're treating this issue

5. Of course you're allowed to think that 20 y'o is still young~ but a contract is still a contract. If these are legally binding, then it's legally binding. And as idols, these people are realistically over. They ruined their own image

6. They're not some middle schoolers, they blocked their own opportunities for the future

7. They're rookies, what young?

8. I don't relate to this at all..ㅋㅋ

9. They're adults, what "young"?

10. The CEO himself got backstabbed over something that is happening unfairly to him, what "emotional strings"? 


"Everyone around us have a lovely day"

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1. Seriously the company is a saint... 

2. The company... Is truly commendable 

3. Are they releasing this because the Barbie OST is out?

4.You can tell that the CEO treasures the members... Every time he releases a public statement, he always makes sure to mention that the members have nothing to do with it. It's clear that he wishes them to come back to him 

5. He's acting like the bigger person.. 

6. The company is amazing 

7. What a daebak company...

8. The members need to apologize deeply and go back to that CEO...

9. Wow... This is impressive

10. The members should stick to the company. Why can't they?  I only pity that CEO ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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