Ariana Grande's divorce and dating rumors surfaced almost at the same time
Actor Ethan Slater who filmed the movie Wicked = her new boyfriend ㅇㅇ
The problem is that this actor was also married.

His wife and him have been dating since high school + they have a baby who is not even 1 year old + his wife came to the set of Wicked and even hung out with Ariana and Ethan.
For these reasons, the wife was shocked and said that she felt betrayed.

When Ariana Grande's divorce first got known, people said that it was because the husband got fed up with Ariana's celebrity life
But now, there are many opinions that the divorce was due to infidelity.
(They separated due to filming -> affair -> divorce)

And in the past, Ariana cheated on people and stole people's girlfriends and fiancees

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1. If you decide to fangirl on celebrities over there, you really need to give up on your brain to do so...

2. No but an affair...? So that's why were there rumors of her divorcing? Hul...

3. Foreigners are seriously spicy level...

4. No but why would you do that... So it's not the first time she's home wrecking...?

5. OMG... No but I listened to her songs because they're good but now I feel like a fool..... This is so infuriating 

6. Hul! I know the kind of person she is now...

7. And somehow, people will forget about this, must be nice..

8. I've seen him a lot somewhere, wasn't it the guy from Sponge Bob...?

9. And wasn't she legendary for her donut controversy.. ㅋㅋㅋ I've been shocked seeing people still liking her despite this controversy

10. So her "Break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored" song was reality

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