+ not just their looks but also the way they doll up too

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1. Yeah, when I used to have low self-esteem, I looked at them 

2. I don't

3. When they're pretty or handsome, I'd think "there's something for me to gain"

4. What is there to gain from looking at your friends' visuals? It's not like it'll add anything to you 

5. Honestly, I only hang out with people who are similar to me. I don't like people who don't pamper themselves at all 

6. If that friend is nice, they all look pretty to me
But I really don't have much thought about it
But if they really don't pamper themselves at all, I'd think it's a bit wrong

7. I don't look at their looks but if they don't pamper themselves, it's kinda so so.. Also if they try to doll up but end up looking clumsy with it, it's also so so  ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

8. Yeah I'll never look at my friends' visuals, I also don't care whether they doll up or not 

9. I honestly don't look at these, I have all sorts of friends I've made in high school 

10. I don't look at it, I feel it's more important we get along, and honestly, I'm on the prettier side, so I have lots of friends who look more common than me. I also don't care about people dolling up. It's none of my business 

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