The topic just came up while talking with my parents today

I am of the opinion that if a child is doing something morally wrong, he or she should be made aware of the mistake even if it takes a beating for them to understand.

My parents said that I should never hit a kid.

I also remember that someone from my university cut ties with me because they said  "how could you ever hit a kid?" when talking about this topic

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1. You shouldn't hit them, you should discipline them 

2. What kind of "morally wrong" are we talking about here?

3. Of course you shouldn't hit a kid, what are you saying?

4. I don't think you should beat the kid but if it's for the sake of discipline, I think it's ok... 

5. You can't do it without a reason, but sometimes, with discipline, you need to go there

6. So if a kid grows up, they can hit you? If you made a mistake. I just feel like hitting people based n mistakes can become quickly dangerous 

7. If I may add, I feel like looking at the kids of today, a lot of them deserve some beating 

8. I think you can hit them 

9. No, how can you hit someone? Once they grow up in the future, they can become someone who will hit their own friends, wife, kids too ㅋㅋ If they did something wrong and learn to hit from there, that's what they will do 

10. Among the kids, those who never listen to your words should be the ones who should get beaten up 

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