On the 4th, an official from Han Sohee's agency, 9Ato Entertainment, said in a phone call with My Daily, "The dating rumors between Han Sohee and Chae Jongsuk are absolutely untrue."

Recently, suspicions that the two have participated in 'Lovestagraming' on online communities have been raised, and dating rumors have arisen.

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1. I can't believe they actually clarified it..
2. No but why would they take any community posts and write articles about it... Is that how they want to make money?

3. People took the instiz post, went to spread it over Twitter, and even foreigners' accounts were sharing about it... They also tagged Han Sohee on their accounts.. This rumor has spread more than you think 

4. This is why you need to clarify stuff like that. It'll be bad if rumors like that spread..

5. But it's true that they're a couple. Her friend is also dating model Hong Taejun, that's how they got introduced to each other

6. Huh?They should at least release the proofs, this is at the level of tabloids..

7. Who cares, if they say they're not dating...They're not dating 

8. That model looks like someone familiar

9. They said that there were witnesses of them... When she was buying her bike, she was wearing Chae Jongsuk's knit, and her friend Hong Yookyung is also dating Chae Jongsuk's friend and Gionardo model Hong Taejun. They went to France to see them. They were on a couple date!

10. Wow he looks like Simon D

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