"Spain,..who doesn't know that food there is delicious...
But I need to reset the pasta I've been stuffing myself with in Nice.
I think we can start in Spain.

The marbled brisket that the boss baked himself... and the yukgaejang that became my savior when I felt too greasy... I need a hot and spicy one.

By the way, the cold noodles are so-so, but ordering meat with the bibim noodles is a must.

Until the day before we came, I heard that V and NewJeans had been here for three days in a row. The boss said that V's bare face was freaking handsome.
I'm curious about what this freaking-handsome-man looks like in real life too.."

So the rumors were true!!!

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1. Oh

2. Ah? Oh what a clash of the worlds

3. I wonder how V and Jung Hoyeon will appear?ㅋㅋㅋ I'm curious if the rumors are true

4. What the? There were no evidence at all but the rumors somehow became true

5. Can we talk about this after seeing if he's in the MV?

6. Ha... I freaking hate HYBE

7. Wow this is a lineup that I couldn't even imagine?! Crazy!!

8. Why are people hating on this?

9. Why would V appear in another idol's MV? Are you sure that they just didn't go to the same restaurant?

10. There were people who saw V in Spain but nobody mentioned NewJeans. If they were there, people would've seen them

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