"Choi Yena's new song, controversy over being a copycat of pop star Rodrigo"

"Coi Yena's new MV
, controversy over being a copycat of pop star Rodrigo"

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1. No but they should at least apologize first and then release a notice about how they're planning to conduct their promotion this time. Meanwhile, they're trying to brush everything under the rug....

2. I'm more surprised that it looks like they're unaware that they made a mistake 

3. The company should cleanly apologize but now the issue is just growing bigger and bigger

4. They should just hurry up and apologize so they can start planning another promotion. I don't understand why the company is holding back on doing anything 

5. The company looks like they're unable to handle themselves... The singer isn't doing well, but they're hiding behind her ㅋㅋ

6. Right now it feels like the singer and the company are hiding behind each other's back. The singer has bragged about participating to the song directly several times already, she said that she composed and wrote the song. And it's true that if she succeeded with that MV, the company would've gotten all the money from her, but right now, they're busy hiding behind her back 

7. The singer and the company are both weird... When they first receive the responses to the song, they shouldn't have pulled all those weird shields and just handled it right away 

8. Honestly Yena is Korean, and the singer that was harmed is a foreigner, this is why they're holding back 

9. They're just delusional 

10. I feel like this is all a set up (of course I know it's true) 

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