The Boyz New, Choi Chanhee's video call

Oppa please do aegyo
- I don't have 

Please do aegyo
- I don't have

Please do aegyo ㅠ 
- I don't have 

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1. Why is he like that.... 

2. Didn't this member got into a controversy for his attitude in the past too? 

3. That's too much.... 

4. But he knows that most video calls are getting recorded and still does that? ㅜ

5. But doesn't he know that this is what the fans like...? Does he wants the fans to spread this around?

6. Why would he do that... 

7. Isn't he allowed to hate doing it...?

8. And it ended like that? The video call only lasted 22 seconds??

9. Why was the call so short??

10. But I feel like the fan was probably just soking... First of all, you can see that the fan was laughing, it's not like he straight up told her "I don't have" and got cut... 

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