"If you're not going to get married, pay more tax"... 21% of the people are in favor of the 'single tax'

Since Korea recorded a total fertility rate of 1.74 in 1984, the low birth rate has continued for 40 years.
Last year, it recorded an all-time low of 0.78.

2 out of 10 Koreans supported the 'single tax, non-child tax'
The reason for the favor is "Adults who are unmarried or childless should bear the burden in advance because they'll receive government help in their old age."

Most of people hesitate to marry or give birth because of money. Do you think we want to pay more taxes?

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1. This is why I'm never getting married 

2. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ No but, they're saying that if I refuse to get married I won't received the government help? What kind of nonsense is that...

3. Imagine taking away money from people because they can't do something they actually want to do because of money issues

4. But 2/10 people mean that the majority is against, what kind of article is that?

5. They should just increase the benefits for married people instead...

6. So what about a post saying 79% refuse to pay this tax instead?🙂

7. This is so unfair 

8. Please, just leave us alone!!!

9. If you have a family, you already receive tax benefits related to support, but if you ask a single-person household to pay an additional tax, it would be better to just change our nationality

10. Instead of doing the single tax, just cut all taxes for married people
It's basically the same thing, but you need to target your benefit better if you want to sway the nation's hearts
Single - > not married? Then pay more tax!
Tax Reduction on Marriage ->You got married in today's economy! Here's your benefit!

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