Sakura's Chinese fandom is planning to send a truck to Hybe during those dates

July 28-29-30-31
August 1-2-3

The issue is that Kim Chaewon's birthday falls on August 1st

People have been complaining how there's only 1 day to celebrate the members' birthdays per year and that this was not it
Usually that member will go to the company to shoot a birthday live so this might ruin the mood

"A protest truck on a member's birthday ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So they won't think about that member until the end"

"Sakura's Chinese fandom is holding a truck protest, and it's entirely Hybe that caused this problem. If they was able to take care of the members with a minimum of effort so that there would be no major complaints, but it only went the opposite way. Anyone who has watched Le Sserafim will honestly know all about it. Hybe's attitude towards Sakura is very strange."
"Truck protests are not limited to a specific fandom. It's a daily incident, and even now, there are many fandoms that have sent trucks to the company for each group. However, why are only Sakura fans criticized and receiving excessive negative attention over this? That is evidence of prejudice and discrimination. There are many people who want Sakura to be discriminated against, and who are actually standing in solidarity with Hybe"
"If you are really a fan of the group, I want you to think about it before swearing at the people who protest against the company, whether the company's treatment is fair. Is it really okay for this twisted situation of alienating one member while pretending to be harmonious on the outsideokay? Meanwhile spitting on the members saying they are happy and suppressing their backlash for six years? is that really normal?"

Even Korean Sakura fans are claiming that Chinese fans are right by showing off their complaints rather than stopping them

The reason why they're sending out trucks: 

1. Sakura is getting discriminated by Hybe 
2. They always pretend to have good relationship but Sakura is always the off one out 
3. Don't block her individual promotions

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1. No matter how much your Produce fandom is big, you can't just send a protest truck during somene else's birthday live no? It feels like this was planned on purpose..

2. So send her back to Japan and let her promote there then 

3. Honestly I don't even know if it's true that Sakura isn't getting pushed. She has her own content and she also appeared on radio a lot 

4. Are Chinese people becoming Japanese nationalist? What is this?

5. I'm another group's fan and I can't take a single one of these complaints seriously 

6. No but why is it so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They were the ones pissed off because Sakura got a protest truck during her birthday and now they're doing exactly the same 

7. Akgaes are honestly the same no matter where you go 

8. The fact that they're claiming that Sakura isn't getting pushed is the proof that they're akgaes

9. Didn't Sakura appear on a bunch of variety shoes?? Where did they see that she wasn't getting pushed??

10. I feel like the fandom culture is way too polarized nowadays... They have truck protests for anything 

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