I can't even tell if this is supposed to be a song or a dance BGM anymore
The machine sound is almost a requirement for every song and the lyrics have no more meanings to them, and there are a bunch of parts within the song that just feels like they're singing whatever bullsh*t they want. Are they really singers? Just how are they even allowed to be on top of the Melon charts? I can't f*cking understands it. Is the world pulling a prank camera on me? 
 If you analyzed overseas pop songs' lyrics, they mostly have meanings behind them, but KPOP lyrics have no meaning at all, for the most part
Just why do they do that?  I wonder
I wouldn't say anything if these people weren't popular, but they're always on top of the Melon chart. Even just listening to the start of the song alone, it's so bad. Usually you have at least good melody or good lyrics, which I would then undertand, but f*ck just from the intro, the song is already bad. I don't even understand what I'm listening to 

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1. [+78, -10]
I feel like the challenge culture ruined music ㅗ

2. [+72, -26]
Queencard honestly suck... 

3. [+45 ,-6]
Because they think that they can hit big through reels and Tik Tok challenges.. 

4. [+39, -14]
But songs are made with machines, so if you don't want to listen to machine sounds, what would you wanna listen to? Unless you're solely talking about band music or orchestras? ㅋㅋ And have you ever analyzed the lyrics? Just tell me one song in your list that you posted that has no meaning behind the music. Queencard, I AM, Kitsch, UNFORGIVEN - they all talk about confidence, self love and believing in yourself. OMG - thanking people who support me. Ditto, Hypeboy - about a crush, etc. They all have stories and meanings ? ㅋㅋ And do you think that people in the list who are composing their own songs are more lacking than you? No but if you're going to assess them, at least bring some compelling arguments. I wonder if you're just a choding. All you're saying is "this sucks that sucks" meanwhile you're judging the level of eloquence in those songs? Since you're hitting puberty, you're probably into American pop songs and think that idols are r*tarded right? 

5. [+29, -6]
Idol music is indeed one branch of music, but even if we're talking about deep content in the musicality, theirs is rather simple. The lyrics are also way too ne dimensional. It feels like they're putting all their effort in the concept rather than the song.. 

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