Hello :D 

Personally, this is what I think of whenever people mention space

"If you claim there are no aliens in space
It's as if you scooped up a cup of seawater 
and claim there's no life in the sea because there's nothing in your cup." 

Wouldn't there be aliens in this universe..?
I'm one of those people who think it's almost inevitable!
I'll enjoy reading your comments! 

There's a strange creature with both hands up

It contains the culture and customs of ancient Egyptian society

They're so similar in shape

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Five hours have passed since this American ship departed. Communication was cut off and the boat showed up three hours later, everyone inside turned into mummies, and the state-of-the-art boat was rusted like it had been years ago...

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Landing a spacecraft on a planet is not just a simple landing, it requires a much more complex process than I thought. Seeing it like this, I realize how amazing technology is... How did the first people who landed on the moon manage to do that?

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But isn't it scary that the common sense and concepts we think of now will be completely different in 1000 years?? Even in the Middle Ages 1,000 years ago, the caste system was taken for granted, and kings were almost gods. Back then, that was a concept and common sense. It's really strange that what you believe in may be completely wrong in the future.

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The reason why I'm waiting for 2049
Gliese 581, about 1.5 times larger than Earth
It is confirmed that the temperature and oxygen environment are all equipped to support life like Earth.
but we can't go
It takes 20 years to travel at the speed of light
Using current human technology will take 300,000 years
It is no longer a matter of controversy whether there is life or not, and what kind of existence exists is in the academic discussions.
In October 2008, the network website Bebo used the National Space Association of Ukraine's RT-70 radio telescope
Lauched 'Message from Earth' at Gliese 581 c.
This message will reach the Gliese 581 star system in 2029, and if an intelligent body receives this message and returns it to Earth, Earthlings will receive the reply in 2049.

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I'm most envious of the American president. If you become the president of the United States, you will sign a secret agreement related to UFO and aliens. I honestly wished Trump would reveal something cool, even by accident.

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