Actor Kwon Haehyo
Below is the picture of actor Moon Jeonghee's Kakao Talk conversation

"Today, is March 8th 'International Women's Day', 109 years ago, in New York where the cold wind blew, remembering the women who stood on the streets, holding roses and  flowers, shouting for women's rights, and cheering for all who live as women in this land today. Women's Day... congratulations Jeonghee-yah~^^"

Caption: My heart is warm to be able to receive this kind of congratulation this day <3

Actor Kwon Haehyo has supported the women's movement for nearly 15 years. Since 2009, he has been serving as a public relations ambassador for the Federation of Korean Women's Organizations. In 2003, when the civil law amendment bill to abolish the Hoju system was pushed forward (t/n: Hoju is a family register system in North Korea and formerly in South Korea. Hoju means the "head of the family" or "head of the household", Hojuje is the "head of the family" system, and Hojeok is the "family register". It was introduced with the patriarchal system representing a violation of right to gender equality) , he helped by holding a one-man demonstration in front of the National Assembly. In addition, he has participated in protest activities to oppose the abolition of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family and to resolve the 'comfort women' issue. In an interview with this magazine in 2014, hesaid, "When I registered the birth of my second daughter in 2002, before the abolition of the Hoju system, I realized that if you get married, your wife will be registered in your husband's family register and have the same birth address. From that time on, “I started thinking about the human rights issue and women's rights in our country,” he said. He recently responded to the request of the Korean Women's People's Association to 'show influence as a feminist'. “I want a world where I can be myself rather than womanly or manly.”

"Abolish the Hoju system"
"1 person demonstration"

"Abe should not miss his last chance to apologize"

"Feminism on the Street"

“I want a world where I can be myself rather than womanly or manly.”

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1. That's a real man 

2. Wow he's so cool...

3. He's an actor that I Iove

4. He's freaking cool, I want to see him more often in dramas

5. This person is an actor and a social activist, the way he's influencing the society in many ways is so freaking cool 

6. He's famous and has good influence 

7. This person has always been so cool 

8. This person honestly has more interest in women's rights than women themselves. The way he's so knowledgeable is mpressive

9. It's so nice to see our country having actors like that 

10. So he's a father of a daughter? There are lots of fathers of daughters who eventually become feminists too 

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