It really sounds like Taylor Swift covering my bias' song

Gdragon covering NewJeans' Hype Boy
At first I thought it was real I got shocked
AI are scary...

"Dean's AI vocal covering NewJeans' NewJeans
This doesn't even fall short from Dean's songsㄷㄷ

“There is rapid innovation and progress in all the wonderful and scary things with AI,” people said. “I have never seen anything like this before.” It is an exciting and fresh experience for music consumers as well.

However, the position of producers is diverse. “In the music industry, the market fluctuates whenever a new game changer such as streaming service comes in,” they said. I have no choice but to,” he said "But when it was confirmed that the voice of the vocalist, which was judged to be an independent agent, could be replaced, the threat of  'originality' was felt, the backlash in the area that was invaded was inevitable."

Honest take
I hate AI voice covers
I like songs that the kids sing with their own emotions, so how am I expected to like songs that are fake like that?
Well, in the first place... isn't it rude to the singer? I just feel offended

Me too I really hate AI covers, even DREAM said that they hate it, but regardless of the threat, this shows that you have no respect towards the original creator

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1. I hate this, it creeps me out 

2. It's creepy, you can use it for such evil means. It's not just something fun you do trivially 

3. This is considered deep fake... They can use those voices with evil intent 

4. Now, I can't even let people record me on the phone, the world is so scary ㅋㅋㅋ

5. I hate this too 

6. I'm shocked to see how well DEAN suits NewJeans

7. I seriously hate this. Singers earn a living with their voice, and isn't there an issue with copyrights too? I hope singers start suing them, this is so annoying..

8 .I've seen shorts of those and I've been so impressed but I was even more shocked when I saw the comments saying that it was indeed AI 

9. Nowadays, people are also releasing shorts of them drawn with AI and making shorts of it, I honestly hate it 

10. They can use those singers' voices with evil intent... I hate this 

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