On Rotten Tomatoes All Critics, they received 90% and top critics 91%

Metacritic's Metascore was 80 pts.

AlloCine (French movie site) media score was 3.4/5

Filmstarts (German movie site) gave it 4/5

Roger Ebert gave it 3.5/4

This isn't a move critic website but a website where a lot of cinephiles go to, called Letterbox, gave it a 4.2/5
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1. Didn't they give similar ratings to the Little Mermaid too?

2. I was maybe expecting too much from it, I was kinda disappointed

3. Barbie's symbolism and kinship itself are very different from Western countries and Korea. Also, English-specific humor or expressions cannot be translated into English

4. I felt like the cameos were kinda so so... The message was clear though.. But the middle was a bit boring ㅋㅋㅋ Still, I recommend watching it at the theaters!

5. I don't think this is Koreans' taste, It was a bit too calm 

6. It's a reason why this was meant for the Western world.. The aura was so so ㅠㅠ

7. Barbie was freaking fun 

8. I hope Barbie succeeds

9. I enjoyed it. The message that they wanted to convey was clear and the middle had a bunch of funny scenes. The songs and the color scheme were also insane. It was so good

10. Honestly I feel like there might've been too many foreign memes for me, but I didn't find it that funny. I saw a lot of responses talking about how good it was because they had a bunch of memes

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