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1. iTunes pre-order 2 weeks before release
2. U.S. radio air promotion
3. U.K. radio promotion
4. Spotify add-up (separate code)
5. Online platforms promotion (BTS Proof had Spotify and MelOn and all other solos aside from SEVEN had MelOn only)
6. Added to the Bangtan playlist on Spotify (Indigo was added to the playlist 46 days after release and FACE was added 6 days after release. All other albums were added on the day of release)
7. Poster ads all around the world before release
8. Comeback promotion on American show
9. Number of streaming party from official account

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1. As a fan of another group, I just feel like people are going crazy just because Jungkook's solo is doing so well digitally....ㅎ

2. There's still one member without a solo... when that member's solo is gonna come out, people will start nit picking again and write this kind of post. At this rate, it's just something that happens with every solo release

3. I'm not a BTS fan, but as a fan of idols, this is like watching the true nature of an akgae. Each member may be a little different depending on the situation. In terms of the company, anyone who invests in the company and releases an album is good because the company makes money, how can you wish one member to do well but not another? This isn't a communist country so should all promotions be the same? Of course, the members who came out at the beginning can't help but lose a certain amount of promotions. They go through trial and error at the beginning and make up for it later, so it's the same if a regular company makes a product. BTS are already in an unrivaled position. If I were a fan, I wouldn't hold any grudges. But you guys are out there acting like akgaes

4. What's the point of this? Are you saying that they're only pushing Jungkook? Each member did things and did not do things that others did. So you're making this chart based off what Jungkook did? Also, to the bitter fans who claim to be all-fans, are you not a fan of Jungkook then?

5. I do think that if they got the same amount of promotion, their solos would've done better too

6. Huh? Is the relationships between fans not good?;; I thought that Bangtan fans were all about working hard together for all the members since all of them are a wall and so successful

7. This just seems like a hate device from other members' fans (the akgaes) who are going crazy because Jungkook is so successful

8. There are so many promotional activities that Jungkook hasn't done but why are you omitting them here? Tsk tsk tsk. Jungkookie's getting an international response with his song so the Bangtan akgaes are exploding with their inferiority complex

9. They should've promoted them all the same, crazy

10. Jungkook-ah, you'll do well🍀 I support you

11. Disgusting.... Bangtan fans, is this the kind of sight you want to see?... can't you guys support each member's success?? Ah seriously, what a sight... you guys are making a fuss with every solo release

12. Maknae-yah, you did well. Let's do even better. Why are these trolls acting up?

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