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1. Seriously, he's gonna ruin the app if he continues this way

2. Is there even someone who reads 600 tweets per day?

3. F*ck is this a joke?

4. Just resell Twitter again, f*ck

5. Read 600 tweets per day? He's basically shutting Twitter down?ㅋㅋㅋ

6. I need to see what's up with Zuckerberg's Threads now

7. I wish that Musk would just get punched by Zuckerberg just once

8. I just put all my Twitter friends in a List and I can still see the List. But when is he planning to fix this?... Ha... so frustrating

9. Elon Musk seriously didn't help Twitter one bit...

10. Please get wrecked by Zuckerberg's jiujitsu 

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