BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and YG Entertainment are reportedly far apart in contract renewal negotiations.

According to an exclusive report from Munhwa Ilbo, Lisa and YG Entertainment are in the discussion phase of contract renewals, as Lisa’s contract with YG Entertainment expires in August 2023. However, no agreement has been made yet, with the two sides far apart in demands and requirements. Chinese sources also hinted to Munhwa Ilbo that there is a possibility that Lisa does not renew her contract with YG Entertainment.

"We have been working with Lisa and YG Entertainment to see if she can appear on our show, but they have told us that it is difficult to discuss any schedules past August due to uncertainty with contract renewals."
— Chinese source to Munhwa Ilbo

YG Entertainment did respond to Munhwa Ilbo’s request for comment in regards to the Chinese source’s statement. While they did not provide a clear update on the state of Lisa’s contract renewal, they did confirm that the Chinese show’s request had no relation to the contract renewal situation.

"There is no relation to her contract; it is because of [BLACKPINK’s] tour and her personal schedule."
— YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment also shared a simple statement to Xportnews regarding contract renewals for BLACKPINK.

"We are in discussions [with all members] on contract renewals."
— YG Entertainment

Munhwa Ilbo has also stated that YG Entertainment’s contract renewal negotiations with Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé are proceeding smoothly, with insiders saying that both the members and YG Entertainment conceded certain terms to agree on a contract renewal. The direction of BLACKPINK’s future activities is expected to be decided after YG Entertainment officially announces the status of each member’s contract with the company.
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1. But Lisa loves BP a lot so even if she left, I feel like she'll continue to promote with the group?

2. It's from Chinaㅋㅋㅋ China's probably the one approaching her right now

3. I believe that the 4 will go forward together

4. BP are in their career high so it would be such a shame if they disbanded now ㅜㅜㅜ I think that they can go strong for at least another 5 years

5. But the news came from China

6. Wow BP are already at the contract renewal stage

7. So foreign countries are the ones to put out the news first? Can we even believe this?

8. Oh my, so their contract is expiring in August?

9. Seeing the news like that, I bet that all 4 will renew

10. I feel like they need to keep the BP brand for the 4 of them to shine individually 

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