On July 4, Ilgan Sports reported that FIFTY FIFTY’s music video for an original soundtrack in the upcoming Barbie movie was canceled. Many fans had awaited the group’s music video for “Barbie Dreams” as it would have been a great opportunity for the group to attract new fans and cement themselves as fourth-generation heavyweights.

Noteworthy is the list of other artists participating in the movie’s soundtrack, which includes industry titans such as Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa, and Lizzo. Many attribute FIFTY FIFTY’s inclusion on the movie’s soundtrack due to ATTRAKT’s partnership with Warner Bros Music Korea, whose sister company, Warner Bros Pictures, is the movie’s distributor.

The news outlet also reported that the group had seen a string of schedules canceled in light of their feud with their label ATTRAKT. According to Ilgan Sports, FIFTY FIFTY’s canceled schedules include a commercial with a global footballer and an appearance on one of Korea’s biggest variety programs. The group reportedly also lost a lucrative endorsement deal with a global electronics company.

The news of the cancellation follows a bombshell exposé released by Dispatch in which the media outlet presents evidence contradicting FIFTY FIFTY and “Cupid” producer Ahn Sung Il‘s claims.
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source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0003285861

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1. Is there really no way the CEO can get his money back? ㅠㅠ 

2. I feel like they can pick the 2nd generation of members for FIFTY FIFTY and they'll still have some hope, and maybe re-recrod the song?

3. The most legendary ruining of one's luck 

4. They could've still went back to them right now, they can just admit that someone tried to fish them, but that now that it's been revealed, they are sorry towards the CEO and will go back to promoting

5. They were gaining recognition around the whole world and they even had an opportunity to earn more money but they let everything slip 

6. Serriously, they were set to hit daebak and walk on the flower road...

7. I feel the most sorry to the CEO 

8. What is the CEO going to do... I hope he can get his money back 

9. This is how scary the Billboard's effect has on people, they will not be able to wake up after that 

10. Their lack of self awareness is astounding.. 

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