"The group FIFTY FIFTY claimed that it was difficult to maintain a trusting relationship with their agency ATTRAKT. What happened between FIFTY FIFTY, who became the 'Miracle of a small company', and ATTRAKT?


"We would like to have a discussion with the artist as soon as possible, but there is no opportunity to contact them. Of course, it's up to the artist to decide, but the essence of the case is that there are strong forces behind the young girls," (ATTRAKT) said, suggesting that outside intervention was behind the termination. 

FIFTY FIFTY's representative criticized the term "outside intervention" as "irrelevant to the case." "This case is based on the lack of competence of the company," FIFTY FIFTY said. We hope that there will be no situation in which the court will be misled by covering up or undermining the reason for the termination of the exclusive contract by blurring the essence of external forces." 

In addition, ATTRAKT said, "The CEO poured his entire fortune, and even his mother's money was used to invest. Isn't it too much to assume that he is incompetent when he has invested 8 billion won?" and refuted the point of incompetence, expressing the hope that he will continue his music activities with FIFTY FIFTY."

They said that the company lacks competence..ㅠ

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1. The CEO is pitiful.... They know that he's too kind...

2. Hul people looking at this would think that they were Bangtan or BP level

3. I'' be understanding towards the members if they gave back 8 billion + 200 million that they invested

4. Wow... this is amazing. I wish that he could take back all the money he invested in those members

5. This is why self-awareness is so important

6. These members think of themselves as big shots or something.......ㅋ

7. I don't even wanna see nor listen to them anymore

8. I honestly hate them

9. Yup, you guys were the ones who ruined yourselves

10. Ugh so ungrateful


(T/N: from another article for context:
Earlier, on the 19th, the parents of FIFTY FIFTY members applied for the Korean name 'FIFTY FIFTY' and the members' promotional names. Their application was filed on the same day that FIFTY FIFTY filed a motion to suspend the validity of their exclusive contract with their agency, ATTRAKT, with the Seoul Central District Court.)

FIFTY FIFTY's agency, ATTRAKT, has responded to reports that the members have registered individual trademark rights, saying they were "not aware of it at all."

On the afternoon of the 5th, ATTRAKT told OSEN, "We had no knowledge that the members had registered individual trademark rights. We learned about it through an article."

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1. I'm so worried about the CEO's health.... Aigoㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

2. Wow this is just legendary

3. Let's just work with a broadcast with a TV station and pick another group through a survival show

4. They seriously give me goosebumps. It's a betrayal of epic proportions. They sure have prepared a very elaborate betrayal.

5. The betrayal is no joke

6. Wow this is seriously... I wasn't even the one involved but they really made me distrust humanity

7. Wow they are legendary pigeons

8. They are making my head hurt... what are they doing?...

9. ㅎ I seriously can't trust people anymore

10. I feel so bad for the CEO ㅠㅠㅠ


After completing the first day of questioning, ATTRAKT's lawyer spoke to the press. "We are very sorry that young artists are suffering a lot mentally due to the wrongdoings of adults," the lawyer said, "There is no fault of the (members) themselves. It is unfortunate that the artists who have a bright future are making bad judgments because of the wrong words of greedy adults."

They also said that they would rather have an amicable discussion with the artists than a preliminary injunction. The defense attorney said, "I think there are definitely forces behind the scenes that are manipulating ATTRAKT, and I have evidence. We will dig deep and hold them accountable through separate lawsuits and legal proceedings," he emphasized. He continued, "If a small and medium-sized agency has invested all of its wealth and even a small amount of money saved by (CEO Jeon Hong Joon's) mother to grow the group, and an outside force intervenes and steals it, how can any small and medium-sized agency in the K-pop market invest a huge amount of money, take risks, and develop artists who will carry the future of K-pop?" He emphasized, "It's really unfortunate and sad." He emphasized that in the end, it is the artists who suffer.

The defense attorney, who emphasized that it is the artists who suffer in the end, said, "I am looking at the case with the mindset of a mother. There are many comments criticizing the artists themselves, but I ask you to refrain from criticizing them, and I ask you to think about their future and support their reunion."

In response to the members' claims about the blurry part of the salary payment, the company said, "It was a mistake by an outsourced company during the settlement process." "We recently revealed the full amount and provided the settlement materials. We acknowledge the mistake, but it is not a reason to terminate the exclusive contract because we have recently fulfilled it."

The lawyer, who said that they tried to settle with the members but received no response, added, "The executives of ATTRAKT went to the homes of the members' parents, but they were unable to reach them. They still want to reconciliate. The longer this case goes on, the more it hurts the artists," he reiterated.

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1. Their parents must be young and are probably born in the 70's~80's. They probably don't have any insight

2. It's already a deal breaker.... isn't it better to just make a new group?ㅠㅠ

3. Even if they reconcile and came back, the public will turn their backs so I just hope he'd make a new group instead...ㅠㅠ

4. First of all, repay him all his money before speaking

5. Give him back his money first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Do you think that the members will win the case?

7. The parents are ruining their own kids' careers tsk tsk

8. Parents, this group is only famous because of their song. They are so unpopular that nobody knows their faces, their names and can't even differentiate who's singing what part.. Stop being foolish and just reconcile. Stop ruining your kids' lives

9. The CEO is seriously a saint

10. They are blinded by money...

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