The Givers has released a new statement regarding their ongoing dispute with FIFTY FIFTY's management company ATTRAKT.

In the statement, released on July 3 KST, The Givers addressed the ATTRAKT CEO's phone call evidence that an outside agency was trying to poach FIFTY FIFTY, claiming, "ATTRAKT is distorting it as if Ahn Sung Il, our company's CEO, had a discussion with Warner Music Korea about the future of the FIFTY FIFTY members out of his own will, but this is not true"

"Warner Music Korea made a suggestion about structuring a 'label deal', and a source from Warner Music wanted to discuss it with ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon, so the two companies were connected," they continued. "We passed word of Warner Music Korea's proposal onto them because we thought it would benefit the company and artists in the long run."

"CEO Jeon Hong Joon expressed his intention to reject Warner Music Korea in hopes of listing ATTRAKT. We are not a decision maker and have not played any unnecessary role in this. ATTRAKT claimed that the company is plotting behind-the-scenes out of dissatisfaction due to them not accepting the Warner Music Korea label deal, but that isn't true at all," they defended.

Meanwhile, the company explained that their reasoning for not releasing a statement earlier was that all of the damage stemming from the current controversy would eventually fall on the FIFTY FIFTY members themselves, adding that ATTRAKT is "ruining the [group's] reputation." They have asked for all speculative false framing to stop, threatening to take strong legal action if needed.

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1. That nuance sure is very different ㅎ

2. But the recording is there

3. They're so hilarious, what a thick face

4. Why aren't you refuting the controversy that you bought the song with the company's funds and that you deleted all the company files and closed the fan cafe?

5. Show us proofs then 

6. But the recording is real

7. They honestly have no shame 

8. Pfft ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But the recordings say everything ^^ 

9. Stop this bullsh*t already 

10. So can't they prove that the recording was fake then? 

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