It's the Korean Cord Dog

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Korean Food Foundation are all dead. No matter how much you try to promote Bibimbap, Bulgogi and Kichi, they've never gotten rid of their non-mainstream tag

Meanwhile Korean corn dogs have started since 2019 and it became huge ever since the COVID pandemic

If you look at Youtube shorts or on Tik Tok, Korean corn dogs videos have millions of views

And Korean restaurants that sold corn dogs all went viral 

It was so popular that it arrived in the US' Costco. It became a favorite of the American consumers

In 2021, it was even crowned the Year of the Korean Corn Dog in the news

It also became the top post on FoodPorn subreddit on Reddit

You can claim that Hallyu is pushing it how much you want, but there were even some brands of Korean corn dogs that got created. And stores are startin to spurt here and there

It became viral in UK Manchester

And in the end, Korean Culture and Information Service gave in and started using it as the representative K-food

K-food's GOAT!

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1. But for real, hotdogs are f*cking delicious (t/n: Koreans call corn dogs hotdogs) 

2. Let's be real, these are f*cking good ㅋㅋㅋㅋ This hits the general public's taste

3. I believe the person who started sticking potatoes on these hotdogs is a genius 

4. For real, you can find these corn dogs in every neighborhood in the US right now. But I also enjoy the American corn dog

5. I f*cking acknowledge this hotdog

6. It's just too good, you can't help but love it ㅜ

7. Recently they also started selling "Korean hot dog" at Universal Studio in LA 

8. The f*cking most delicious way to eat it is with sugar + ketchup + honey mustard...

9. It's so good, I just ate it yesterday 

10. There are so many in New York right now but they're so expensive ㅜ

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