Produced on a reported budget of $200 million (minus the reported $150 million that W.B. spent on marketing it)

As for the BEP (break-even point), we don't know the exact number unless the production company discloses it, so most of the data is based on speculation, but the general consensus is that the movie should earn about 2 times the production cost + marketing cost. 

Of course, since the post-COVID-19 era, the secondary market, including OTT, has expanded, so the profit made by a movie in theater revenue has decreased a lot. Nevertheless, in the end, movies that are successful in theaters do just as well in the secondary market, so in any case, they can barely make 1.5x the initial budget. The Flash would have to make at least $500 million in worldwide box office in order to break-even.

So what is the current worldwide box office revenue of The Flash?

7/17/2023 Korea Time

$263,607,000 (estimated) 

But maybe it'll have a good second half?

The Flash is ranked 13th at the North American box office yesterday ($215,000), the largest market (FYI, its companion Elemental was 5th with $2.6 million)

+ In China, the second-largest market, The Flash has been wiped out at the box office (Elemental is currently #1)

In the end, it's looking like it's going to finish the box office somewhere around $270 million at the best, with a loss of at least $200 million.

The top 10 biggest superhero box office flops (not adjusted for inflation) list looks as follows:

The Flash - $200 million (estimated)
Shazam! Fury of the Gods - $150 million (estimated)
Wonder Woman 1984 - $137 million
Dark Phoenix - $133 million
The Suicide Squad - $130 million
Black Adam - $100 million
Fantastic Four - $100 million
R.I.P.D - $92 million
The New Mutants - $84 million
Green Lantern - $75 million

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1. Congrats congrats

2. Ezra Miller is on the poster. No matter how fun the movie looks, I can't bring myself to watch it. I'll vomit

3. It's a relief that the movie failed. I hope that the industry drops the lead actor

4. It was a fun movie but the male lead caused too big of a scandal..

5. Ezra Miller's s*x*al scandal is way too big. I was actually gonna watch it but gave up because of the lead

6. If not for the male lead's scandal, the movie wouldn't have flopped this much

7. To be honest, it's not like it's a bad movie. The reviews were positive but it wasn't that good either.. It was just average..

8. Why would've they use such a scandalous actor?...

9. I'm not watching it because of the actor. Just what were they thinking?ㅋㅋ

10. First of all, the movie failed in Korea

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