"1. Ever since 2021, you've been neglecting her and we've held back a lot. We won't hold back anymore

2. Cyber bullying, malicious rumors and hate comments. Starship, stop remaining silent

3. Was Starship the one who requested the video of her injury to be deleted? STOP with the deceptive act that breached our trust

4. There's not one notice of legal action but hate towards Starship gets deleted immediately. Who is the management working for?

5. Starship who is blocking the growth of their artists. Repay them with support and action that is suited for them"

Her fandom exploded because Starship never posted a legal notice for her hate comments + Starship hiding her injury during the filming of I AM

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1. Protect Wonyoung!

2. I've stanned multiple idols in my life and it's my first time seeing a company like them

3. For real, they are too much

4. Please sue the haters already

5. So Starship also erases hate posts about them. It's the same with my bias

6. Seriously, the hate comments towards Wonyoungie are crossing the line. Even if they sent protest trucks a hundred times, Starship won't do anything, f*ck

7. Even if I don't know anything about Wonyoungie, I really find her cyber bullies severe... the company is just not protecting her

8. Seriously, if you go on YT right now, you'll find so many hate videos about her. Her company isn't suing any of them. And why did they hide Wonyoung's injury? For real, who is the management working for?..

9. Seriously... can they start suing her haters?... she's still a baby. It doesn't matter if she has a strong mindset. Her company should protect her

10. Haㅠㅠ seriously, this is the truck protest that actually breaks my heart. So frustrating..


The truck couldn't go in the alley in front of Starship so they just parked on the side

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1. I like how they feel called out

2. Are people asking too much? We are just asking them to sue the haters and to protect the artists. They are making a fuss because they've been called out. It f*cking pisses me off

3. No but... the company should look at this and protect their artist. So they don't like to be told what they're supposed to do??? Are they just abandoning their job?

4. They are trying to fight with the fans. This won't work 

5. Starship-ah, start treasuring Wonyoung and treat her better

6. They really should start suing for Jang Wonyoung but they haven't done anything so people are just asking them to do their work but instead, they are threatening the fans...? Seriously, is Starship crazy?

7. Uhm...

8. If Starship is acting up this hard when fans are only asking to protect her, then...

9. They've been called outㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. The fans have hurt their feelings 

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