"Barbie's movie is not it because they're completed memed out with atomic bombs or mushroom clouds. Just because the fans are excited [about the competition between the 2 movies], it is impossible to say that there was no official intentions behind the film. they're over"

It's exploding with RTs right now 

"When you look at foreigners, you can get a glimpse of the difference in weight of the atomic bomb problem with their different values. They simply think that it's not a dangerous weapon and that you can build such weapon with this kind of material."

They're angry because they believe that people don't take the atomic bomb seriously

This was posted by some foreigner, but a lot of Japanese people are liking the Tweet

"It is said that the reason why Pearl Harbor was attacked was "because the Japanese embassy didn't deal with it on time" [t/n: not sure we understand the 2nd part]
If the atomic bomb that killed 214,000 people is used as [scientific] material, then Pearl Harbor, which killed 2400 people, would be good too."

Now they're dragging Pearl Harbor into this 

"Worst of all, even British Prime Minister put a hashtag on it~ Did this person just go to Hiroshima this year?"

The British Prime Minister is being sworn at with his family for using the Barbie + Oppenheimer meme.

original post: here

1. Yeah Barbie and Oppenheimer fighting 

2. But anyways, they don't watch anything aside from animes, so this wouldn't even attack those movies at all ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. Yeah keep boycotting them~

4. I watched Barbie, now I need to watch Oppenheimer too 

5. Pearl Harbor ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ But didn't they make a movie about it already?

6. Does Barbie really have a mushroom explosion in it?

7. Huh? But isn't the whole point of Oppenheimer about him regretting making the bomb? What are they saying?

8. I was actually reluctant in watching Oppenheimer because I was scared that they would beautify Japan, but I can assure you can watch it safely!

9. As expected the victimization is solid
10. I need to watch Barbie

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