(T/N: Barbie is slowly started to be seen as a symbol of feminism on community sites)

It's The Boyz' Kevin (I looked him up and he's Canadian)
He talked about the movie with his fans on Bubble
(His fandom name is The B)

"- Director Steven Spielberg's childhood story
- It's based on a true story!
- There was a really clever detail at the end
- I warmed my heart when I saw it
- When is The Little Mermaid stop having showings in theaters?
- Elemental and Barbie...
- Sigh.. There are so many movies to watch"

"- I learned about this in the fancafe from The Bs
- Before Barbie, there were only baby dolls available for little girls
- So the little girls naturally were introduced with the role of a mother looking after their child?
- But Barbie is unmarried, has a house and has diverse jobs too"

"- Female empowerment
- Barbie*
- Wow what a good change... I used to think that it was as bad influence because it emphasized on being pretty and having a good body but
- I learned from The Bs
- Barbie came out with different races and body shapes too
- Good job Matte!
- I know how much of a big influence someone can have if they have a relatable character presented on screen."

I'm not a fan of him
I feel like it's my first time seeing an idol having this kind of conversation with his dans (it might be not the case)
and I found it fascinating so I brought it here but if it's problematic, let me know!!!

"Even before his debut, He mentioned that Taemin sunbae-nim's MOVE music video was about challenging gender roles. He also said that he likes Mulan because it's a feminist movie.
This is Kevin"

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1. Wow... seriously fascinating... (in a good way_

2. I wanna learn from his mindset, what a cool person

3. Vin seriously has a healthy mindset. He's such a good person

4. Kevin is seriously so sensitive and smart

5. It's because his nationality isn't Korean that he has a good mindset

6. Wow this is a real man

7. Oh I like this kind of mindset

8. Kevin-ah... that's why I love you

9. As expected, he's a foreign member and that's why he thinks bigger

10. It's so cool how he has the courage and mind to speak like that

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