"Haerin must hold her phone in NewJeans' MV?"

- NewJeans... I'm kinda disappointed
- What country's ad is this? Imagine singing a song in our country and shooting an Apple ad... 
If Samsung didn't exist, I wouldn't know but, but when I think of the amount of donations and the various benefits given to the people of Korea [by Samsung], this is hard to watch. I've never heard of Apple donating to our country... Even though I heard they got sued for a bunch of money over that round edge
- I know it's their own freedom to use any phone they want whether it's a Korean phone or not, but to shoot an ad for it... And these kids are "idols" too and they're openly using iPhones?

- Samsung and LG are advertising all over the world, so Koreans are being treated as citizens of developed countries without visas abroad (t/n: not too sure what they mean by that comment) 
- When I think of it, whenever BTS has their pictures taken, they always do it while using a Galaxy phone... The fact that they think of the country is touching. NewJeans is a bit disappointing.. 
- This is why all kids are crazy about iPhones, this is disappointing..
- Disappointed in NewJeans..

- NewJeans is not a group with good influence, New Jeans models for luxury brands, and these days, since elementary school and middle school, kids are obsessed with luxury goods too, and their parents are having a hard time. On top of it, if you get into the habit of consuming luxury goods from elementary school, the probability of consuming luxury goods for the rest of your life will increase.. After all, it's only those French and Italian companies that sell 10 million won per leather bag and their people of that country who are full. Our companies and people study like crazy to do R&D, make a cutting-edge smartphone, and sell it for a few hundred thousand won, while European luxury brands make and sell a bag while spending two hours during lunch break, earning millions of won.
- No matter how good the money is, advertising Apple like this is not it
- Journalist-yah! Don't post about this. You need to earn a living too. Samsung is having a hard time these days. It's hard to live in a country like that because taxes aren't paid much. Therefore, the people of Korea are also having a hard time. Damn it NewJeans-yah.

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1. Are they the CCP?

2. I bet even the people leaving these comments use an iPhone 

3. I can agree with the point raised about being ambassadors, it's indeed very weird. It's advertising to middle schoolers that it's okay to own luxury goods

4. The fact that Apple is treating Korea like a pushover pisses me off too but... An ad is an ad after all 

5. Why are they like that.. 

6. Damn this is so narrow-minded

7. But these kids who are way younger than them are doing way better

8. These are the same Korean people who would be using iPhones too so why are they mad?

9. Then why isn't Samsung making an offer for them..

10. Do they think that it's that easy to become models for Samsung? Looks like they're starting to lose common sense as they grow older.. 

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