"Our new full album Coconut just got released! 
This year, we will be holding our 2nd tour in Japan with gratitude. In September, we will also debut in Korea so please treat us well :)"

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1. I don't think they'll hve any buxx

2. I'm not buying 

3. Niziu-yah I've been waiitng !!!

4. Huh... I'll congratulate them if they do well, but I'll see what happens

5. At least they learned Korean and they're good at speaking Korean. They remind me of XG, there's no reason to view them negatively 

6. What's the differencet between them and XG?
> Of course they're different, they're from a Korean company 

7. Jinyoung-ah until when are you going to shove this down our throats ㅠ

8. Oh I'm looking forward, their Korean have improved a lot!!

9. I honestly don't know how they'll be able to gain any buzz

10. Hul!!! I miss Riku

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