The NMIXX recording on K-909 was honestly unseen

There was a fire that caught on stage
People fainted
And a drone also hit the maknae's head

Honestly this is a shocking and horrifying recording, running away was more important than listening to the song before its launch 

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[Clarification] NMIXX was filming K-909 and there was a fire that was caught on stage. The members were all running off stage and they had to delay the recording by 20 minutes to put down the fire. The fans didn't get evacuated so they got caught with the smoke (Fans who went to the pre-recording said it smelled like burning and cigarette smoke) in the end, there was a fan who fainted during the recording. And at the end they were shooting the stage with a drone and it hit Lily's arm. It got tangled and the drone fell. The fans were so mad after the recording but they didn't say anything because the comeback was next day ㅇㅇ but right now, even when they released the statement, they didn't apologize once and just said that "it happened" ㅋㅋㅋ That's why the fans are even more pissed off now 
"NMIXX recording's fire happening... JTBC "nobody was harmed""

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No but the fact that K909 is even using drones to film is f*cking dangerous.When I was watching the fancams of another idol performing, I was so scared for them, it was just going around and it made me impress that anyone can even perform under this condition. It was just swinging left and right and it looked freaking scary. I felt uncomfortable watching it and it finally hit someone's head... 

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The fire was a fact, the person who fainted because they weren't evacuated was a fact, it was also a fact that the drone caught in Kyujin's hair but they didn't apologize a single time in their statemen 

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Ah seriously what to do wiht Kyujin ㅜ This must've been so shocking 

5. [+27, -0]Sigh, this is what broadcast companies do. How is JYP not doing anything... It's a relief that the members didn't get hurtㅠ

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